A revolution in rider technology.

Purina is proud to unveil the latest breakthrough in equine performance—a steady horse. Inspired by the benefits of Purina Outlast® Supplement, The Unrocking Horse helps put the balance in “balanced gastric environment”.

See how she handles stressful situations.

No rock, no problem. Our experts rebuilt The Unrocking Horse from the ground up to remove any hitch from this giddy-up.

Take a ride take a ride

Immutable Design

While other companies allowed their horses to rock, we didn’t. Advanced engineering reduces disturbance and delivers a more comfortable ride.

Innovative Platform

Because sitting idle wasn’t an option. Until it was. Our proprietary flat-bottom construction gives horse and rider the confidence stomach any situation.

Impressive Features

Research and innovation bring stable to your stable.

Dual Discipline

Available in both Western and English configurations.

Always On

No battery means unlimited standby time.

Superior Stabilization

Automatically corrects for yaw, pitch, and roll across different planes.

“Purina just brought the competition to a standstill.”

"This thing doesn’t ROCK!”

“Even skilled riders will be completely transfixed.”

“Brace yourselves for next generation innovation.”

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